Data-Driven Student Insights

Access the powerful capabilities of Dynamics 365 combined with Artificial Intelligence to make data-driven decisions and gain unprecedented insights into audience and advertiser requirements and behaviors.

How does Mint’s Data-Driven Insights offering empower Healthcare Providers?

Through a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, and Dynamics 365, Data-Driven Insights accesses a healthcare provider’s existing data to identify patterns and trends and arms them with data that enables targeted decisions and strategies, future outcome predictions, and disruption to enable next-generation patient and provider experiences.

With more than 17 year’s worth of experience helping enterprises transform through technology Mint Group seamlessly blends together people, processes and technology to ensure innovation and transformation for healthcare.

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Why use data-driven insights for Healthcare?

Streamline personalised patient care

Ensure that your resources are enabled and allocated where needed and patient satisfaction and overall healthcare efficiency. Achieve ROI by continuously measuring your efforts and results.

Generate 360-degree patients views

Enable healthcare providers to instantly access patient records, history and requirements and store all information related to procedures, consultations and medication administration in a central location.

Integrated all healthcare processes

Gain a 360-degree view of all staff and patient data. Allocate resources, automate stock management and ensure that your healthcare establishment delivers next-generation patient experiences.

Provider Efficiency

Empower healthcare providers with the right processes, tools and information to make informed decisions that result in streamlined efficiency and treatment for patients.

Get actionable insights into your patients and medical staff.


A data-centric understanding of your patient profiles;

Integration with all healthcare sales, marketing and service applications

Manage the care continuum of all patients

Segment patient and provider profiles

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