ERP - Future-proof Finance with Intelligence

Access the powerful capabilities of Dynamics 365 combined with Artificial Intelligence to make data-driven decisions and gain unprecedented insights into audience and advertiser requirements and behaviors.

Streamline ERP with Dynamics 365 Finance and the  a–Finteg  Solution Integrator

The a-Finteg framework is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and reduces implementation time by 75%, delivering a lower total cost of ownership.

The solution provides automation of the main business processes within Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operations commonly used by FSIs. Customers can create, export, and import back all Vendor payments that FSIs are creating in their Core Banking Systems.

By utilsiing the powerful capabilities of Dynamics 365 Finance and the a-Finteg integrator, financial instiutions gain access to intelligent ERP software to ensure continuous transformation.


Why Future Proof with Dynamics 365 Finance?

Reduce operational expenses

Optimise operations

Make smarter and faster decisions

Maximise security

Streamline implementation time

Transform Banking Services through the Microsoft Solution Stack

  • Finteg Ingerator
  • D365 Finance & Operations
  • Power Platform
  • D365 Fraud Protection
  • D365 Financial Insights
  • D365 Customer Insights

5 Steps to Intelligent ERP

1 – Move to secure, cloud-based ERP Cost-effectively

2- Integrate into core banking solutions and reduce risk 

3 – Optimise your operations

4 Implement Fraud protection  

5 – Use Financial insights to improve your financial status 

Get Data-Driven Student Insights

Are you Cloud Ready?

Whether you are doing business on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, we have a Solution Assessment that can support you in securing and optimising your current IT environment that drives business growth. 

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