Microsoft CSP - Cloud Solution Provider

Manage your cloud assessments, licensing and transformation requirements with a global Microsoft CSP

Why choose Mint for your CSP requirements?

As a Microsoft CSP, we empower our clients to plan their cloud journey through cloud assessments, and manage their Microsoft services and solutions through a dedicated portal that ensures fast and efficient subscription transactions and management.

Choose your products and services, manage your subscriptions and billing preferences, and access streamlined support services – all in one place.

Optimise your IT Estate

Mint offers Cloud Assessments where we assess our clients’ technology environments and empower them to make informed decisions.

As a premier Microsoft partner, we work with our clients to optimise their cloud infrastructure and roadmaps.

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Manage subscriptions and billing preferences through the CSP Portal

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Partner with a top 1% global Microsoft expert to architect your cloud journey

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Optimise your cloud data landscape with various cloud solution assessments

Microsoft Cloud Assessments

Support and secure your current IT estate with a Microsoft Solution Assessment, designed to empower you to make informed organisational decisions. Contact our team to find out if you qualify for a fully funded Microsoft Solution Assessment.

Whether you are doing business on-prem, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment, a suitable solution assessment exists to ensure optimised cloud-based processes and improved operations with a scalable foundation for future business growth.

As a top 1% global Microsoft partner with over 20 years of experience in Microsoft technology, Mint is a certified CSP with the knowledge, skills and experience to help assess your current environment, optimise and future-proof your cloud roadmap.

Azure Express Assessment

Take advantage of a fast evaluation of your organisation’s cloud capabilities and potential blockers to cloud migrations

Azure Foundations Assessment

Plot the digital transformation roadmap for your organisation by understanding your cloud maturity

Application Modernization Assessment

Identify opportunities within your organisation to prioritise applications for cloud modernisation

Cybersecurity Assessment

Gain detailed insights to your cybersecurity infrastructure while establishing processes to reduce cyber risk

Data & Infrastructure Migration Assessment

Prioritise migrations and workloads while modernising your server and data centre environments

Workplace Modernization Assessment

Gain visibility into your IT environments while identifying opportunities to improve end-user productivity

Azure Cost Optimisation Assessment

Gain insights to manage cloud spending and increase organisational accountability

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