Mint Vision Security

Intelligent security management with Face Recognition

Use AI to improve your security efforts

The security of world-class Face Recognition with the convenience of walk-through access control. Full face capture, audits, alerts, and analytics.
Intelligent security management requires a balance between safety and convenience. With Mint’s Vision Security solution, you don’t have to compromise.

Our solution is fast and accurate, utilising world-class cloud-based face recognition technology, and offering the convenience of a walk-or-drive through, touchless (and germless) service.
Be in control of everyone’s whereabouts, instantly verify identities, secure access to sensitive zones, and automatically log all information without compromising on the ‘access experience’.

Make your workplace secure with modern technology

Visitor Management

Time and attendance tracking

Crowd Tracking

Digital Onboarding

Access Control

Create secure environments using AI-driven technology while unlocking insights


Straight walk-through, touchless and secure access control

Full audit trails of access with high-resolution images

Cloud-based access management – add/remove/edit areas from anywhere

Automatic and continuous system improvement over time owing to active learning

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