Mint Vision Education

Increase student and staff performance on campus through the use of face recognition and cognitive computing. The Mint Vision Education solution is built on the Mint Vision platform, enabling educational institutions to power an Intelligent campus with one solution.

Why choose Computer Vision solutions for Education?

By placing the right technology in the hands of students and educators and arming them with the right strategy to achieve success, future innovation through great minds is inevitable. Face recognition and cognitive computing have transformative uses in the education industry. transformation experienced across industries and the advantages available to students and educators through technology has transformed education and enabled students to reap the advantages offered by the digital world.

Get the benefits of using a data-driven insights solution

Enhanced Student Access Control Systems on campus and residents facilities

Improved Campus safety monitoring through AI-driven surveillance cameras

Increase student engagement with classroom sentiment analysis

Reduce admin time with utomated classroom attendance tracking and monitoring

Gain intelligent insights on student and staff performance to make data-driven decisions

Intelligent Education with Mint Group. Transform your organization with AI intelligence.


Student and staff onboarding onto the Vision Platform using Facial Recognition

Data streams integrated into a central  system for continuous monitoring

Ensure a facility by enforcing access restrictions where necessary

Gain AI-powered technology to create diverse ideal-customer models

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