Crowd Tracking with AI

Access the powerful capabilities of face recognition to convert a camera feed into data-driven insights pulled from a crowd of faces. Process information intelligence based on real-time behaviour with the Mint Vision Crowd Tracking solution.

Why use AI for Crowd Tracking?

The Mint Vision Crowd Tracking solution is built on the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and face recognition. This revolutionary application enables organisations to track individual profiles within crowds to determine an audience’s sentiment, capture demographic information, automatically log attendance or enable crowd tallying – all in real-time.

This information obtained from the Mint Vision Crowd Tracking solution provides real-time data into audience characteristics and behaviour to improve and drive organisational outcomes.

The Mint Vision Crowd Tracking solution renders the application and impact of face recognition a reality for all organisations.

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Get the benefits of using AI-driven insights

Count unique faces passing the camera of both identified and unknown people

Track demographics, emotion markers and eye gaze per second

Custom train the system to identify specific activities e.g. person making a phone call

Modify the content displayed on a public screen to match the demographics and emotional markers of the audience

Utilise powerful BI dashboards for slicing and dicing the generated data

Convert a camera feed into data-driven insights

Data-driven Insights for any industry

Events and Exhibitions

Guest behaviour, engagement and attendance insights


Automatically capture display advertising impressions


Monitor student and staff engagement, sentiment and behaviour

Media Insights

 Automatically capture billboard and screen advertising impressions

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