Transforming a Regional Municipality with ECRM in M365

Halifax Regional Municipality embraces Microsoft 365 Technologies to increase productivity and efficiencies

Halifax Regional Municipality is the provincial capital of Nova Scotia and a major business center in the region. As part of its digitization journey, the municipality required an ECRM solution to seamlessly integrate records management with content collaboration to better serve its citizens. 

Therefore, Mint Group leveraged Office 365, SharePoint Online, ECRM 365 and Microsoft Cloud Identity to provide a deeply integrated solution for protecting information, controlling its distribution and delivering compliance and collaboration without compromising security or relying on additional 3rd party software.

The Challenge

As a provider of public services Halifax was facedwith the following challenges:

  • Content sprawl
  • Untracked content growth
  • Information leaks
  • Low compliance
  • Ineffective governance
  • Identity and access risks
  • Friction between records management
    and content collaboration processes

Four Thousand Halifax Government employees will benefit from the Enterprise Content Management Governance and Implementation Plan

Solution Strategy

To tackle the challenges faced by Halifax, Mint Group performed a high-level assessment of the client’s workforce, business scenarios, environments, and information landscape to transform Halifax’s environment into a cohesive Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Following this, Mint Group conducted a planning phase that involved the production of a blueprint and a roadmap for transformation.

The next step of the process comprised the transformation phase, which entailed the implementation of changes to transform the organization followed by the measurement of compliance and secure scores and remediation thereof.

  • Maturity assessment, including the workforce, business scenarios, and information landscape
  • Planning: Blueprint and a Roadmap for Transformation
  • Implementation of required changes to the MS365 ecosystem
  • Organization transformation driven by compliance and secure scores and remediation
  • All while focusing on the cultural shift by leveraging an adoption campaign
  • Continuous monitoring, remediation and alignment to support day-forward and scaling

Microsoft 365 – a Core Driver of ECRM

The ECRM solution implemented at Halifax was built on the intelligent capabilities of Microsoft 365. The Microsoft 365 ecosystem incorporated records schedules and taxonomies, retention rules and workflows, interactive collaboration spaces for content creation, and mechanisms to enable transparent versioning and secure external sharing.





Digital Implementation

Knowledge Management

Work Streams



O365 Smart Compliance Centre

O365 Security Centre






The Results

  • Development of an organization-wide information architecture design
  • Manage content creation with co-authoring, versioning approvals, publishing, and structured, easily searchable metadata taxonomies
  • Faster and more confident access to needed information
  • Support of higher service levels including self-service applications to municipal constituents
  • Measured, continued compliance in compliance with global standards
  • Linked records retention schedules to business content, raising compliance and reducing risk
  • Collaboration – both internally and externally