Coats Digital Achieves Customer Excellence with Intelligent Insights

Coats Digital Implements Customer Insights with Mint Group and Microsoft

Software company, Coats Digital, operates in the retail and manufacturing sectors, delivering end-to-end sustainable business solutions for enhanced time to market, agility, and increased productivity. Their key objectives involve optimizing processes in the fashion supply chain and using best practice implementations to accelerate product development, costing, sourcing, capacity planning and order execution lifecycle.

Business Challenge

With a global estimated 40 000 customers in over 100 countries, Coats Digital was challenged with great volumes of data, across various platforms. Prioritizing leads, creating tailored customer experiences, and accelerating sales was therefore difficult. The business primarily obtained information manually, often using disparate systems to extract data, generate reports and create sales spreadsheets. As a result, these tasks were time-consuming and impacted both productivity and business performance.

The following challenges proved to be frustrating to Coats Digital:

  • Inability to connect data from multiple backend systems that led to inefficiencies
  • Lack of identifying and qualifying good sales opportunities and leads
  • Inability to maintain data and reporting accuracy to determine progress and KPIs
  • Slow conversion and turnaround time that affected overall time to market
  • Inability to turn data into meaningful insights for better informed business decisions
  • Time management inconsistencies caused by manual data entries and processes
  • Disengaged employees caused by repetitive and laborious manual processes

The Solution

For the project team at Coats Digital, it was most important to become self-sufficient in the configuration and extension of Customer Insights. The team needed to ensure that they drive operational and customer excellence, to reach improved growth levels of sales. And would achieve this through a single centralized system, that would facilitate the meaningful unification of all their customer data.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Power BI solution was implemented, with the purpose to harness relevant data, from multiple systems, to drive deeper data insights for more effective customer service. This ensured that Coats Digital mastered backend integration, at the fraction of the existing costs, and saved some time for other business-critical operations.

Mint Group assisted Coats Digital with the full Customer Insights (CI) set up and configuration process, and enabled the following process to take place:

  • Ensuring that Coats Digital has sufficient and relevant onboarding training, resources, and tools for implementation of the Dynamics 365 platform.
  • Assisting the organization to identify the most critical tools for their business requirements. Customer Data Management System / CDMS, EPR3, SharePoint, and Timelogger were selected for data warehousing, consolidation of data, license management and capturing project management tasks.
  • Business analysis workshop communication was key to understanding the business landscape while inspiring action and empowering employees to be productive with their new tools.
  • Configuring data unification in CI was categorized in four entities and profiles: account entities from CDS as well as from licensing application EPR3, CDMS and customer entity from license downloads.
  • Integrated customer profiles were specified, and customer records were utilized across systems.
  • Incorporation into Dynamics 365 Sales app was completed, arranging the display of attributes and measures as inquired by the sales team.
  • Through the use of Power BI, Coats Digital could now create dashboards and optimize data, using data modeled in CI.
  • To ensure optimal adoption of the technology implemented by Mint Group, a Digital Enablement Specialist was appointed for a seamless handover.
"Managing and mitigating the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic meant that we had limited resources available for the project, which would simply not have been possible in the past if we had used a traditional approach to data integration. Using Customer Insights allowed us to unify heterogenous customer data from four different systems in a complete code-free manner and in less than a month, providing fast access to the deep data insights that are critical as we drive customer excellence and hyper business growth."
Chris Jones
Director of Business & Sales Operations, Coats Digital

Value Impact

Following the successful completion of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation phase, Coats Digital realized the following benefits:

Easy Access to Information
The Sales team can access critical customer information from data across multiple sources, providing a 360 view of key insights.

Intelligent Predictions
Coats Digital can now predict customer needs, helping them to recommend relevant services and products, through the identification of high-value and at-risk customers.

KPI and Sales Reporting
The customer data platform enables Coats Digital to calculate sales process related key performance indicators and measures, that enable sales reporting and the creation of customer profiles.

Data Integration
Dynamics 365 allows the sales operation team to analyze customer-related data from various sources, without worrying about complex SQL queries or coded aggregations.

Smart Business Analytics
The Coats Digital team can visualize their data and uncover deep insights using the Power BI dashboards, to generate actionable insights and empower data-driven business results.

Future Outlook

By using the customer data platforms, Coats Digital has demonstrated that they understand and value their customers. They are now empowered and informed to create tailored customer experiences – facilitating the transition and adoption to modern work.

The organization intends to evolve and see greater business continuity, by leveraging the flexibility, scalability, and power of the customer data platform. Coats Digital will achieve deeper integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central; utilize Customer Insights and Power Automate to link various accounts and incorporate predictions using AI-powered capabilities.

They are now confident in driving operational excellence and customer satisfaction, through the use of customer generated data.

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