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What does Modern Managed Services look like with Mint Group?

Now more than ever, businesses like yours need to manage, maintain and secure your technology infrastructure. You need a robust, future-ready service to maintain all touchpoints; from email security to a full cloud foundation offering. In this technology-focused age, your business can either survive or thrive based on the quality of your IT infrastructure.

At Mint USA, we work hand in hand to support, manage and optimize your environment with a “Complete Robust Solution” for all your ever-growing technology.

We take away the challenges of managing your systems which may seem overwhelming and put to rest the major security risks, downtime, and strain on resources that can be extremely costly to your company.

Ransomware will continue to be the #1 threat to businesses and cloud operations.

Trust Mint MSP to keep your environment updated, secure and protected.

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Why Choose Mint as your Managed Service Provider?

Whether you’re looking for growth, to bridge the digital divide, digital and organizational transformation, or cyber resilience and risk mitigation, Managed Services are the driving force behind the need for Modern Managed Solutions.

At Mint we understand these are critical factors that will take your business to the next level and achieve your true business goals to accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Driven by Microsoft Cloud Technologies and Services, we can work with your teams to build a Digital Cloud Roadmap and take away your uncertainties.

Secure Cloud Email

Modern Optimised Managed Services to Secure your Email in the Azure Cloud

Secure Cloud Foundation

Modern Optimised Managed Services to Secure your Cloud Foundation Platform.

Microsoft Defender for Business

Implement complete endpoint protection for your organization with Microsoft 365 and MSP

How to Secure Your Cloud Environment? Assume Nothing

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Unveiling The Holy Grail Of Streamlined Productivity – O365

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