Vision Kiosks

Vision Kiosks is a secure, hands-free kiosk system that enables instant access to organisational systems using your face as the key.

Campus Visions Kiosks

What is Vision Kiosks?

Using AI-driven technology, Vision Kiosks brings technology to employees and clients that don’t have access to a mobile or desktop device.

Allow users to log into internal systems to access personal information and engage with the wider organisation, using public-facing kiosks that are facial recognition activated

Gain the benefits of Digital Identity Management with AI

Increase Employee Engagement

Instant and secure access to information

Improved internal communication

Reporting and dashboards based on user interaction

Innovative, secure and instant access to information with Vision Kiosks

Make your systems accessible to everyone with Facial Recognition technology. 

Education Kiosks

Healthcare Facilities

Warehouses And Factories

Customer Service Facilities

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