Vision Docs

A trusted identity verification AI-driven solution for extracting, classifying and digitizing documentation.

What Is Vision Docs?

Vision Docs is an AI-driven cloud service built to enable your organization to process documentation and capture data faster and with more accuracy using AI and Machine Learning.

Classify documents, extract the information you need, and make decisions based on data you know.

Data-Driven Insights

Automate your manual processes to improve turnaround and accuracy

Classify documents, extract data and streamline manual processes while removing human error and decreasing operating costs. 

The Vision Docs App is easy to use and implement within your existing technology systems



Register an account which gives you access to the self-service portal, reports, and the ability to start to create document classes.


Feed Us Content

Upload your first set of documents, with the pages labelled as the correct classes that you wish to identify.

Our Data Scientists will curate the documents, start the model and initiate the training.

03   START

Submit and Classify

Start sending documents to the service. From day 1 the documents will be classified.


Rapidly Improve

Every document that you send to us is classified, with easy buttons to re-classify incorrect documents or confirm those that are correct.

The more you review and confirm, the better the models get!

05   READ

Extract and Digitise

Our experienced Computer Vision Experts will create a document pack for any type of document that reads the information and automatically processes any extracted fields.


Make Processing Seamless

With many options for integration, from simple batches to deep real-time communication, let your business dictate the technology – not the other way round.

Gain the benefits of Digital Documentation Management with AI

Holistic document classification

Automated splitting

Classification confidence and accuracy

Accuracy enhancements

Cutting-edge performance

Auditing and logging

Email ingestion

Reporting and dashboards

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