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What Is Mint Chatbot Accelerator?

Chatbots can dramatically increase your customer reach and customer satisfaction, but implementing a Chatbot effectively is extremely complex, and an overly simple, scripted chatbot will result in frustrated users.

Mint’s Chatbot accelerator combines a consultative approach with years of experience, and our existing I.P. to rapidly envisage, prototype, develop and deploy an intelligent and intuitive asset for your business.

Enable next-generation customer experiences that will reduce administrative burdens on your staff, enable faster response times to your customers and help you build an intelligent bot that makes your business more efficient through every conversation based on machine learning.

Mint Chatbot Features

Complex Conversation Flow

Deploy a Chabot with complex conversation flow, memory, personalisation and custom terms and phrases

Predictive Conversations

Anticipate what will be asked next and prepare responses accordingly to create a seamless interactive experience

Language Interactions

Enable communications across borders using complex natural language interactions

Data Collection

Complex use-cases; from simple information-gathering to complex interactions with multi-dimensional data


Increase Internal Efficiency and Customer Experiences

Rapidly prove, develop and deploy intelligent chatbots

Reduce overheads on a call center, and improve customer satisfaction

Predictive behavior – the chatbot learns as it goes, and predicts what will happen next

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