Intelligent Information Governance

Smart Governance processes for the creation, valuation, use, sharing, storage, archiving, and deletion of information.

Driving Smart Compliance – an Innovative and Empowering Information Management Solution

Information Governance is the key to simplifying business complexities

Information Governance is more important than ever because the majority of large enterprises have a data problem. While just about every large company claims to be “data-driven” and focused on leveraging new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the evidence suggests that few are backing up this up with real action. In fact, it can be argued that data is more of a liability than an asset in many organizations.

Information governance is the development of a decision and accountability framework that defines acceptable behavior in the creation, valuation, use, sharing, storage, archiving, and deletion of information. It encompasses the policies, standards, processes, metrics, and roles guiding the efficient and effective use of information for an organization to realize its objectives.

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Did you Know?

“Around 12% of an organization’s data is Business-Critical, around 23% constitutes ROT, and up to 65% of an organization’s data is Dark Data.”

The DataBerg report

Why is Information Governance so Critical?

For many years organizations in highly regulated industries have used records management techniques to meet regulatory requirements and manage the liability of information within the organization. This is the realm of Compliance Officers and Records Managers.

In the last few years, we have seen an extension of regulatory compliance into every industry and region – and most organizations now have an obligation to manage their information appropriately – from both a security and an information lifecycle perspective.

In recent years we have seen many highly-publicized fines executed against high-profile organizations – but every organization is at risk if they are not properly managing their information. For this reason, the practice of Records Management has evolved to include all aspects of Information Governance – from security to productivity, from content creation and collaboration to retention and disposition.

The common challenges of governing data

Siloed Information Sources

Difficulty telling the difference between Critical Data, ROT Data and Dark Data

Difficulty Finding the Right Information without wasting time searching

Difficulty Measuring Compliance against privacy and industry regulations

Difficulty evaluating the liability and exposure of your organization

Implement a governance solution driven by Microsoft 365 Cloud Technologies.

Powerful Benefits of Data Governance Technology

Compliance with regional and industry regulations

Actionable, manageable data

Lower, measurable liability

Higher employee productivity levels

Opportunities for automation and efficient data workflows

Discoverable and reusable data

Lower security risk and costs to protect data

Lower processing and storage costs

Effective knowledge management

Transform your Business with Mint's Smart Governance Solution

Mint’s Smart Compliance solution comprises a framework to help organizations to effectively understand and manage their information. As a cradle-to-grave, turnkey solution – Smart Compliance is a Outcome-as-a-Service (OaaS) offering which guarantees the information governance solution that your organization is looking for.

Document processing and digitization solutions

Document taxonomies, business term glossaries, metadata stores and records schedule development

Document auto-classification solutions

Continuous compliance solutions

Collaboration solutions for effective authoring, versioning, and publishing

Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention

Information Security and Endpoint Protection

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