Identity and Security Governance

Codifying and programmatically incorporate a connected set of software applications to automate processes and workflows across your business department

Driving Smart Compliance – an Innovative and Empowering Information Management Solution with Mint Group USA

Get Secure Access with Simplified Identity Governance

Protect access to your business-critical resources using robust verification and risk-based guidelines. Your workforce can be productive and confident, knowing that your organizational data is protected with a seamless identity solution.

Thoroughly authenticate each user, improve visibility on all activity and deliver a safe user experience.

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Don’t Compromise, Prioritize Identity and Security Governance

Process Automation is still sometimes referred to as Business Process Automation (BPA), although this nomenclature is falling into disuse as it is closely associated with a specific type of process notation. It refers to codifying and programmatically incorporating a connected set of software applications to automate processes and workflows across a business’s departments to occur without manual, human intervention. More than focusing on individual tasks, BPA focuses on overall processes. In the context of Smart Compliance -Information Management –  this is focused on informational workflows (which are at the heart of most business processes anyway).

The Features: Eliminate Security Threats

Automatic Provisioning of User Accounts

Create, manage, and maintain end-user attributes to access resources across your systems.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Simplify and enable your workforce to access different applications, using one access method.

Automated workflows

Create an identity and security lifecycle management process for advanced risk management.

Role-Based Access Control

Limit or assign access and actions strictly according to each job role and responsibility.

Audit and Compliance

Review identity and security progress, improve, and maintain compliance requirements.

Empower Your Workforce with Innovative Capabilities

Ensure appropriate access to your organization’s assets across increasingly diverse technology environments and meet increasingly demanding compliance requirements.

Multifactor Authentication

Protect your workforce from common identity attacks. Add layers of authentication by adding two or more verification factors to your infrastructure, for enhanced security.

Risk Detection and Remediation

Be a step ahead of possible security and identity risks. Detect unauthorized access and accounts under attack, using automated AI-powered capabilities.

Enhanced Access Control

Take control of access across the organization and boost visibility with flexible policies that can be adapted per user, location, and real-time risk assessments.

Workflow Automation

Streamline and automate your identity processes, with better control over provisioning, access management requests, and offboarding as user roles change.

Make Security Your Key Advantage

Protected Resources

Your workforce can meet their stipulated responsibilities, be productive and perform to the best of their ability when your data, systems, and applications are protected.

Improved Productivity

Avoid disturbances and downtime in your day-to-day operations, enabling your organization to work effectively and securely.

Regulatory Compliance

Authorizing and monitoring data privacy and access is more critical than ever. It advances security and ensures that your workforce is audit-ready and meets compliance requirements.

Best Practice for Identity and Security Lifecycle Management

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