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Smart Compliance – an Innovative and Empowering Information Management Solution

Traditional Values. Cutting Edge Technology.

We’re leading the way to a smarter, more evolved approach to information management, business process management, governance and compliance – to provide one turnkey solution for the modern workplace.

Moving with the times, Mint Group USA and IQBG have partnered to develop Smart Compliance, a powerful Outcome-as-a-Service (OaaS) investment that streamlines business and provides a compelling ROI for organizations by reducing compliance risk, increasing productivity, and introducing a governance framework that provides granular control over the information lifecycle.

Smart Compliance (Information Management) combines expert consultation and industry best practices with cutting-edge and trusted technology, to deliver a robust solution that keeps legacy information safe, secure and accessible.

Did you Know?

“69% of workers manage and store information on their email accounts – meaning that large repositories of information lie out of reach in unstructured, uncategorized silos.”

The impact of information management is felt across all levels of organization, where proper implementation includes strategy and structuring, planning and processing, controlling, evaluation and reporting of information activities.

The result?

Welcome to an organization of empowered people who possess all the tools, knowledge and processes required for their role – at their fingertips… without compromising compliance and governance.

What Is Information Management?

Humans create over 2,5 quintillion bytes of data on a daily basis – digital information alone. As more organizations embrace the new normal of the remote, global information economy, this daily output is projected to increase by 25%, or more, in the next 2 years.

Effective Information Management is the acquisition, organization, security, accessibility, compliance, governance, and retention of all forms of corporate information.

Invest in Better Information Management

The World is Changing and so is Software

Don’t let outdated systems and procedures hold you back, while competitors gain ground

Sometimes Technology Doesn’t Play Nicely

Multiple systems that don’t integrate well put the brakes on productivity

When the Rules Restrict Routine

Balancing compliance and client confidentiality shouldn’t get in the way of meeting information requests or managing records

Getting the Smarts on Your Side

Attracting and retaining top talent in technology is tough. Tap into the finest; Partner with professionals

All the Systems, But No Strategy

Information management software is expensive when business procedures have not been implemented to make proper use of it

What’s So Smart About Smart Compliance?

Smart Compliance brings the best of all worlds together to help you run your business smoothly, via proven methodology and systems that are well integrated, user friendly and secure.

Smart Compliance has been developed by leading tech and business development brands in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Electronic Records Management (ERM) and Content Management Systems (CMS).

How Mint Simplifies Your Information Management

Your organization’s information represents a risk if it isn’t properly classified and governed – especially is that information has grown organically in an unmanaged fashion. We help you to avoid large fines – and bad PR – by ensuring your compliance to information governance that meets legal requirements.

We help enterprises establish information compliance and governance protocols, enforced with identity security and teamwork privacy policies, to ensure clarity and adherence to information management standards.

Smart Compliance captures, organizes and indexes all your data to one location – whether paper-based, email or digital formats. Cloud-based and highly secure, the adoption of your new central information hub sets you up for seamless operations, e-discovery and FOIA management.
The future is now, and the future is bright. Our artificial intelligence information and security solutions provide background support without human error, while adding immense value with the automation of both repetitive tasks and routing of information to desired recipients.

We don’t leave you in the dark – Smart Compliance will set up your information architecture, complete with a comprehensive compliance roadmap and governance blueprint. We ensure that a work-ready strategy is in place for your organization to fully utilize its information management framework.

Smart Compliance doesn’t offer blanket solutions to unique challenges. We conduct a range of detailed assessments to design a comprehensive, tailored solution that caters to your organizational and ECRM needs, security objectives, compliance requirements, and your team ready-ness.

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